Mold Identification, Consultation, Air Quality Testing and Remediation Protocols

The presence of mold in a building can cause a variety of health issues as well as a drop in property values. And because newer buildings are more susceptible to mold, there’s been a recent surge in demand for mold testing services. Fortunately, issues stemming from a mold invasion are highly fixable. And Summit Laboratory can get you started.

Summit’s Certified Microbial Investigators Can:

  • Collect and analyze mold samples
  • Help supervise your remediation processes with mold remediation services
  • Serve as an expert witness in legal cases

The Summit Advantage

We offer a unique perspective in this young and rapidly changing science. In the most simplistic terms, when a sample collector verifies the presence of mold, the information trail stops there. When a qualified mold testing lab like Summit verifies the presence of mold, your samples go under the microscope, and we conduct a full analysis based on the most current science. Then, armed with knowledge, we’ll provide the data and consulting services you need for remediation; so you can get back to normal.

  • We can identify mold to the genus, and provide information on all the mold types present in a sample
  • Our certified microbial investigators are trained specifically for mold identification
  • The laboratory holds mold testing certifications and memberships as well as liability insurance:
    • ACAC certified microbial investigators / ACAC certified microbial consultants
    • NAMP certified mold inspectors and mold remediators
  • All samples are analyzed by the same mold inspectors so your results and advice are consistent
  • We stay current in the industry and have completed mold identification and forensic dust analysis courses at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago.


Suspect mold in your building? Contact Summit Laboratory to see how we can help.