Surface Water Testing

Surface Water Testing – Summit is the Perfect Partner in Achieving Great Water Quality

Poor water quality is often due to “pollutants” or even nutrients that can fertilize weeds and cause toxic algae to grow. These pollutants come from many sources, including some as common as fertilizers and automobiles.

When certain weeds and algae become overly present, it reduces water quality. But not all weeds are bad, and not all algae are toxic — some are crucial in creating the proper eco-system. You need a testing laboratory that knows the difference.

Summit Laboratory conducts your laboratory water analysis while always understanding the value and role that aquatic plants have in maintaining our aquatic system. We’ll differentiate between exotic and native species. And because general water quality affects everything, we can even perform fish surveys to get a broader understanding of what’s happening in your lake.

When the time comes to eliminate exotic species, Summit still works for you. At your request, we can use global positioning to locate the exact coordinates of exotic plants in order to provide a map for your herbicide applicator.

Count on water testing services that aim toward great water quality. Before you treat aquatic weeds or algae, contact Summit Laboratory to see how we can help.