Storm Water Run Off

Our Aquatic Biologists can Help Detect and Alleviate Issues Due to Storm Water Run-off

Lake associations and lake boards need to know what’s in the storm water run-off that’s draining into their lakes; especially if those lakes are open to human recreational activities such as swimming and fishing. Summit, as an environmental laboratory, can help with your EPA water testing and other water monitoring needs, including:

  • Point and non-point source pollution monitoring
  • Evaluation of nutrient content
  • Water column profiles to evaluate quality at different depths
  • Assistance with eliminating issues and ensuring your waters meet government-mandated water quality standards
  • Maintaining an ecological balance within an aquatic system

With issues such as toxic-algae blooms and heavy metal pollution derived from storm water run-off facing communities today, Summit Laboratory can be your first line of defense.


Contact Summit environmental laboratory to see how we can help with water sampling and testing.