Mold Identification and Consultation

Summit’s Mold Investigators Provide Something Sample Collectors Don’t — Valuable Analysis, Interpretation and Consulting

Mold is sometimes visible to the trained eye, but not always. Even once a mold infestation is verified, a professional mold assessment is the first step to a solution. And this step starts with mold testing services at Summit Laboratory.

The Summit Advantage

Verifying the presence of mold is only a small part of the picture. Typically, you’ll need more information about the type of mold infestation you’re facing. As microbiologists, we are well qualified to collect samples on site and bring them back to our mold lab to interpret them in a way that provides useful information to assist in your data-driven decision making.

Too often, sample collectors provide verification of mold and that’s it, no analysis. Very few companies in Michigan are actually qualified to analyze mold. And that’s why a mold testing laboratory like Summit is your best choice. Because we are microbiologists, we are well qualified to collect samples and interpret them to determine the extent of the contamination before developing the appropriate remediation protocol for your specific situation. Does this make us superheroes? No, it just makes us scientists who are good on the microscope, which is crucial in this industry.

How do I Know if I Need a Mold Assessment?

  • You or someone in your building has chronic allergy symptoms or respiratory problems
  • You’ve experienced water intrusion, flood damage or periods of high humidity
  • You are buying or selling a house
  • You’ve already verified the presence of mold and require a remediation company to restore the environment


Suspect mold in your building? Contact Summit Laboratory to see how we can help.