Quality Assurance Practices

Summit Laboratory’s philosophy puts customers first. This means, we must adhere to strict laboratory testing techniques and protocols that ensure correct and reliable data. To put it less scientifically, at Summit, we pay the utmost attention to quality control methods that enable us to not only obtain our certified laboratory status, but to stay abreast of changing regulations and methods of data collection as well.

Our Commitment to Quality is demonstrated by implementing the Following Laboratory Practices:

  • Usage of only AOAC, FDA & USDA standard certified methods
  • All samples are analyzed by professional biologists
  • Certified quantitative and qualitative standards are routinely tested with samples
  • Disposable pipette and plating equipment is used to help eliminate cross contamination
  • Documentation of laboratory cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  • Inter-laboratory quality assurance ensures precision and accuracy of routine data
  • Continued employee education and training via college classes (Including classes at McCrone Research Institute), workshops, seminars, webinars, and conferences

Summit Laboratory uses only FDA, USDA, AOAC, USP, and Standard Certified Methods to Test Your Samples. Some References Include:


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